LINE is a chat application with many users today. With Line we can connect for free with friends or family simply by using the internet quota. We can send pictures, voice notes, text and other file types in the chat room. In addition, another advantage is that it can make calls and video calls for free.

To use Line, you must activate your cellphone number and create an ID. Especially if you take advantage of group features that can accommodate up to 500 people. No wonder so many people use it for school alumni groups, family, work colleagues and other communities. A very beneficial feature is the poll or poll that can be utilized.

How to Make a Polls on LINE Apps

Making decisions is simpler by using polls, such as open events together, gathering or others. Of course decision making can be faster because group members just need to tap from the available options. To be able to vote you can just tap the message content that polls and then vote. Polling will automatically be shared in the timeline so that it can be seen by everyone.

Uniquely, you can add a lot of answer options that make decision making easier. How to Make a Polls on LINE Services can also be accompanied by a picture in the vote column making it easier for members to know the details.

How to Make a Polls on LINE Apps

Of course, votes will make it easier if you have a lot of members and it's hard to unite them in the chat column. Now more clearly you can see How to Make Polls on LINE Services quickly and easily the following.
  • Open the Line application and go to the chat room from your group
  • If you have entered chat then just tap the + icon, usually appears when you will attach a file
  • A menu will appear, please find and tap Poll
  • The Poll page appears, then tap Create Poll to create a poll
  • Then fill in the Enter a poll Question column by giving questions for voting
  • Then in the Enter an option field enter the answer choices that you will use and get more than one option
  • Just set the time when the vote will be closed with the tap set closing date
  • When everything is ready, just tap Done then the poll will be posted in the timeline

You are given the freedom to give answers in the Polls column to be shared. In addition, you can also use the Allow new options feature to give other people the opportunity to make new poll answers. But if you want to use polling without the addition of new answers then just follow the method above.