Surely you will panic when your favorite phone is having problems. Mobile phone damage is not only experienced by Android users, cellphones classmate of iPhone that uses iOS also often experience problems such as iPhone totally dead or Hang. You don't need to panic and think about buying a new iPhone soon. Because the problem of the iPhone suddenly died, restarting itself or even a total iPhone death could occur due to damage to the software. It's good, you know how to take care of your iPhone well so that it lasts and can be used for a long time.

iPhone dead! How do I fix it?

If it's just a matter of damage to the software, you can still fix it yourself. This article will provide information that you can use to deal with a sudden iPhone death. Here are some ways you can do:

1. Restart Or Press the Power Button

The first way to overcome a totally dead iPhone is to check the cause of the damage first. You can check by holding down the iPhone Hold button for 10 seconds.

If it still does not turn on, repeat until there is a response from the iPhone. After the screen lights up and blinks, the Appel logo will appear.

If the iPhone can be operated again, then the next step to restart. Restart iPhone functions to refresh and run features on the iPhone normally.

2. Forced Restart

The iPhone has been successfully lit but is still in a state of hang or stuck on the Appel logo and does not want to enter the Home menu.

If you experience such a situation, all you have to do is restart forcefully by pressing the Sleep or Wake button together with the Home button. After pressing the buttons simultaneously, iOS will restart again.

3. Charge the iPhone

There are some cases that the iPhone suddenly died and could not start due to the already low battery power, not used up.

If the battery power is very low, then the iPhone will use the remaining power to secure data and cellphone settings. Before you restart the iPhone, it must first charge the battery.

4. Restore iPhone

If you have tried to overcome the total iPhone dead above but have still not managed to turn on the iPhone, then you have to do a restore. Restoring the iPhone will erase all data stored and all settings on the iPhone.

To restore is very easy. Just synchronize your iPhone and click the restore button via iTunes. But if your iPhone still doesn't work, try the following method:
  • Attach the iPhone USB cable to the Dock Connector instead of the laptop.
  • Hold the Home button for a few seconds.
  • Then connect the USB cable to the laptop.
  • That way iTunes will open and the iPhone enters the Recovery Mode menu, and makes it possible to restore the iPhone to factory settings.
  • But indeed every iPhone series like iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8 have different ways to restore, you have to look for additional info for that.

Thus How To Fix Your Dead iPhone. Thank you for visiting.