Hello Blogger friend, wherever you are. Hopefully in a fit and healthy state. This time the Kagurazaka blog will share about How to view uploaded images or photos that you normally add to blogger posts as an illustration of these posts.

Where are all the images uploaded in Blogger?

Since one of Google's social media product services, Google+, was deactivated in April 2019, maybe you are asking about where are the images uploaded via blog posts now? Well, here I will give you the information. Please follow the steps below.

Where Are Images Uploaded on Blogger Stored?

First, make sure you have logged into your Google account in the browser. Next open this link:


Then a page like this will appear and select Photos from Blogger

Where are all the images uploaded in Blogger?

Then will bring up a row of albums Photos from Blogger from each blog that you create.

Where are all the images uploaded in Blogger?

If you want to download a photo album from a particular blog, please click the button with the three dot icon then click Download album

Dimana Gambar yang Diupload di Blogger Disimpan?

Please be careful, if you delete one of the photos in the photo album it will automatically remove the photos that are already in your blog post. Because the album serves as a storage place for photo files that you have previously uploaded to Blogger.

Then, what about the uploaded video storage? For videos here you can see through the Settings > Other > Videos from your blog then click the Manage your videos button.

How, easy right? Okay, that's all for this post about How to see images uploaded on Blogger. Thank you for visiting and hopefully useful.